Immersia is one of seven technology startups to graduate from Western Australia’s leading startup accelerator program – Upstart.

Running from August to November, the program provided potential high-growth startups with the necessary resources to transition from early-stage (ideas) to the next step in their maturity.

Each of the seven companies were chosen from a pool of 74 applicants who were required to pitch to an investment committee in early 2016 before going through due diligence and being accepted into the program.

Immersia graduated alongside Everythere, Filtered, Jurimetrics, Mithrl, PrevYou and Yabble, and joins the 2015 Upstart graduates including Restalert, Hydralert, TeamAhoy, GeoMoby, Social.Folio, Australian Geotomography, and Offpeak Games. Immersia is Upstart’s second investment in virtual and augmented reality.

For Immersia, the accelerator provided important exposure and an expansion of the Immersia brand, enabling the company to access new customers and markets. Press coverage, demo days, attendance at tech events and word-of-mouth marketing helped to grow Immersia’s reputation in the community; with consulting and product development projects completed for customers in the architecture, marketing, professional services, education, healthcare and events industries during the course of the program.

Upstart linked Immersia with 37 of the country’s best startup mentors (of which 5 continue to act in an advisory capacity), and strengthened the company’s strategy and operations framework.

Additional perks included access to office space in the Perth CBD, which enabled demos to hundreds of stakeholders on St Georges Terrace; and funding, which enabled further investment in the talent and technical capital required to grow Immersia’s capability.

The Immersia pitch was written and rehearsed many times before being delivered to almost a thousand individuals throughout the course of the program. Upstart concluded with all companies flying to Melbourne and Sydney, where they presented to the local startup scenes, before manning exhibition booths at Asia-Pacific’s largest startup conference (StartCon 2017) in Sydney, attended by 2,400 people.

If you’re interested to understand more about Immersia and what we can offer your business, get in touch with our team by emailing Adam at

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